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Why Choose AdWax®?

A new way to achieve a high performing riding surface at an affordable price. Ideal for incorporating into a new surface or adding to an existing one.

A good quality equestrian surface allows your horse to move freely and easily, gives support to hard-working limbs and reduces the risk of injury. Wax-coated surfaces provide superior structure and stability, but they are premium quality surfaces and beyond the budget of many.

Through extensive research and developement, clever engineering and sourcing innovative materials, Equestrian Direct Ltd have produced a wax emulsion that can either be added to a new riding surface during installation or mixed with a tired waxed or non-waxed surface to instantly boost footing, structure and performance – at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire surface.



Can help to improve surface structure

Reduce dust and watering

Less kick back and improves ride

Can be used to rejuvenate an existing surface

Can be added to the surface over time to get it just how you like it

It really is a surface for 365 days a year

Mark Lucey


How does AdWax® work?

AdWax® binds with the sand and fibres in a surface. It improves moisture retention, which means less dust and kick back, and reduces the need to water.

Unlike traditional hot wax, AdWax® is a liquid when it is cold, allowing it to be transported easily and mixed in situ with an existing surface.

AdWax® works equally well on indoor and outdoor arenas and tracks.

How much will I need?

The exact composition of a riding surface will depend upon what it is used for and how much use it gets. An arena used predominantly for dressage will have different requirements to a surface used for jumping or galloping, while an arena at a large equestrian centre will see vastly more hoof traffic than one at a small, private yard.

One of the great advantages of AdWax® is that top-ups can be added at any stage. Adding a wax component will improve the longevity of a surface.

How is it installed?

AdWax® can be added to an existing surface by our contractors following a an initial successful site visit. As soon as it is installed, the bond between the wax, sand and fibres will immediately strengthen, meaning results will be seen and felt instantly.

For some arenas – depending on the type of surface used – we recommend running some equestrian sand through the top of the Flexiride – this will filter through and help stabilise the surface even more. Equestrian Direct offers a range of UK-sourced, premium quality equestrian sands.

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