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Why Choose Flexiride®?

Flexiride® is the all-in-one, all-weather surface from Equestrian Direct. We believe it to be the most economical and versatile synthetic surface available on the market to date. Flexiride® can be used on top of sand, as a top-up for existing surfaces, or completely on its own – where it is most economical.

This versatile synthetic surface is ideal for most types of equestrian disciplines and is 100% guaranteed wire-free.

Suitable for most types of equestrian disciplines, Flexiride® does not easily blow, rot or freeze.

Flexiride® can be laid directly onto a simple drainage/stone layer, potentially giving huge cost and labour savings on groundwork drainage and membrane installations.

Flexiride® is manufactured from industrial strength synthetic textile and polymer materials, carefully blended with cushioning foam, providing exceptional ‘cushioning’ qualities and a secure ride.

Key features:

A year-round hero product useable in all weathers and for all equestrian disciplines. Extremely versatile and long lasting, exceptionally cushioning and kind to legs and joints

Manufactured from:

Industrial strength synthetic textile and polymer fibres carefully blended with cushioning foam.

Indoor or outdoor-use?



Lay either as a complete surface or a top-up added to most types of existing surface. Used on its own, Flexiride® can be installed directly on to a simple stone drainage layer, eliminating the need for large quantities of sand as well as expensive drainage, groundwork and membrane installations


Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Cross-country, Racing, Driving, Vaulting, Showing, Hunting, Mounted Games, Side Saddle


After installation, practically maintenance free

Best for:

Everything! Private yards, riding schools, competition venues or gallops

Flexiride Benefits 

All-in-one all-weather surface

A high-performance solution to a traditional sand/rubber mix arena
Ideal as a ‘top-up’ for existing surfaces
Cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free
Exceptional cushioning qualities enhance athleticism and reduce the potential for injury
Environmentally friendly
Does not easily rot, blow or freeze

100% wire-free

Installation & Use

Flexiride® is a versatile surface and can be installed in a variety of ways:

On top of sand as a rubber alternative, or to top-up an existing surface
Laid directly onto a drainage, stone layer – giving huge savings on the materials and labour involved in groundwork, drainage and membrane installation.
A minimal amount of sand can be added through the top as an option to create a firmer ride.

Flexiride® Pro as at Solihull Riding Club is a complete Flexiride® surface with sand, fibre and EliteGel™ added through the top

It really is a riding surface for 365 days a year

Mark Lucey

Flexiride FAQs

What can I do to stop my surface freezing?

I’d recommend topping up your existing surface with Flexiride.  Flexiride has been designed so that it can be used as a topper for your existing surface, working as an insulating layer and preventing it from freezing so quickly in the winter. Flexiride is a premium quality product, so using it as a topper is a great option if you are on a budget.

Our surface is getting really dusty during the summer. I’ve even noticed it blowing away and leaving patches. Help!

This is a common problem during hot weather. What’s happening here is that the surface is drying out, which gives it the potential to blow away if it gets breezy or windy. Our Flexiride® surface has been formulated to hold moisture in its fibres, which enables the material to interlock. This feature keeps the surface in place and prevents it from blowing away.

We’re looking at installing a new arena at home for our daughter, but we have very little time to maintain it. We wouldn’t be able to do much more than poo pick each week. What are our options for a genuinely low maintenance and quality option?

This is one of the most common queries that come into the Equestrian Direct office! There are plenty of surfaces on the market that claim to be low maintenance, but in reality this isn’t always the case.

Our hero product, Flexiride®, is an all-in-one surface that needs very little maintenance. It can be laid straight on to a membrane at a depth of 150mm, making up the main bulk of your surface. Done without a sand base this makes for minimal maintenance and avoids the situation where you surface may become deep and dusty in the summer and freeze in the winter.

For some arenas – depending on the type of surface used – we recommend running some equestrian sand through the top of the Flexiride® – this will filter through and help stabilise the surface even more. Equestrian Direct offers a range of UK-sourced, premium quality equestrian sands.

What do I need to consider when putting a surface on a lunge pen?

We would recommend Flexiride® at a depth of 150mm with some equestrian sand through the top to stabilise.

Lunging is one of the worst things you can do on your arena surface, so building a lunge pen is always a great idea. Flexiride® is a great option for providing stability, meaning the horses don’t lose their back ends and potentially fall over if they buck or shoot off.

What makes Flexiride® an economical choice for equestrian surfaces?

Flexiride® is designed to be economical by being versatile enough to be used on top of sand, as a top-up for existing surfaces, or entirely on its own. Its ability to be laid directly onto a simple drainage/stone layer can result in significant cost and labor savings, eliminating the need for extensive groundwork, drainage, and membrane installations.

Can Flexiride® be used in all weather conditions?

Yes, Flexiride® is an all-weather equestrian surface that does not blow away, rot, or freeze, making it suitable for use in a variety of climatic conditions. This ensures that the surface remains functional and safe for riding all year round.

What types of equestrian disciplines is Flexiride® suitable for?

Flexiride® is suitable for most types of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, and cross-country. Its versatility and cushioning properties make it an ideal choice for a wide range of equestrian activities.

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