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Why Choose TurfFloat®?

Equestrian Direct designed the TurflFoat® surface to closely replicate the natural qualities of turf, mimicking the binding ability of topsoil.

As such, TurfFloat® provides a secure footing, allowing the horses to travel across the top of the surface and not through it. Fibres help to prevent the sand from riding dead and provide an element of life from the surface, while minimal kickback and surface movement, gives a confident ride, while also ensuring the surface requires minimal maintenance.

Ideal for showjumping and dressage, TurfFloat® provides even hoof support, reducing the likelihood of jarring injuries.

TurfFloat® can be used both indoors and outdoors, on both new and existing surfaces, as well as gallops. The light appearance of TurfFloat® makes it ideal for indoor schools where natural light is limited. It has been the indoor surface choice of Solihull Riding Club in the Midlands and has also been used at Olympic, and World Equestrian Games.


Key features:

The ultimate performance surface designed to replicate the natural qualities of turf by mimicking the binding ability of topsoil. Providing a secure footing this encourages confidence and freedom of movement for great results

Manufactured from:

Chopped synthetic felts and fibre formed into a non-woven textile, which incorporates a reinforcing element

Indoor or outdoor-use?



TurfFloat® fibres can fix virtually any issue with an existing surface, such as deep, loose and dusty surfaces, as well as those prone to freezing and puddling. Used in this way, the fibres add turf-like performance to an existing surface


After installation, regular rolling and potential watering in long, dry periods.

Best for:

Performance users and gallops


Minimal kickback and surface movement allows for low maintenance

Secure footing allowing horses to travel on top of the surface not through it

Even hoof support reducing the likelihood of jarring injuries

Visually enhances the surface and brightens indoor arenas

Does not easily blow, rot or freeze

Installation & Use

Turffloat® has several options of being installed:

Turffloat® can be rotivated into 4″ sand or as a rejuvenation tool for an existing fibre arena surface.

Turffloat® can be rotivated into 4″ sand with an additive of Hydrogel™ added to the sand before the Turffloat® – reducing the need to water the arena.

Suitable for: Turffloats’® stability makes it ideal for show jumping surfaces and many other equestrian disciplines as it provides secure footing, giving your horse confidence when jumping and turning.

It really is a surface for 365 days a year

Mark Lucey

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