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Advanced rubber surfacing

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Why Choose Equiride®?


Equestrian Direct offers several types of advanced synthetic equestrian rubber surfacing in the Equiride® range, ideal for indoor or outdoor, arena or gallop applications. There is a surface to suit every discipline and budget; Equestrian Direct will be happy to advise you on your ideal Equiride® surface.

Equiride® synthetic equestrian rubber surfaces are constantly being trailed, monitored and evaluated to ensure existing products maintain optimum performance.


A superior high-grade rubber crumb with fibre, which provides a resilient, rot-proof, shock absorbent all-weather surface when laid on top of out specialised silica sands. The fibre ensures prolonged moisture retention for reduced surface movement, in turn this reduces maintenance. Equiride-Super® is 99.9% wire free.

Key features:

A high-quality synthetic rubber surface that provides added spring, stands up to all weathers and can be used for all disciplines. Great at retaining moisture in sand during dry periods, which helps keep the surface stable

Manufactured from:

High-grade rubber crumb with fibre. Guaranteed 99.9% wire free.

Indoor or outdoor-use?



Best laid on top of a specialised silica sand


After installation, requires regular maintenance

Best for:

Private yards and training centres


Nationwide delivery

Long lasting

Premium quality

Gives added spring

Retains moisture in sand base during dry periods

Wind resistant

Installation & Use

Equiride-super® performs best when it is laid on top of a sand base.

Suitable for: Equiride-Super® is suitable for all disciplines.

It really is a surface for 365 days a year

Mark Lucey

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