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Surfaces and Injuries

  • Horses are at greater risk of injury due to increasing work level and intensity, poor footing, and lack of fitness
  • A high- quality, well maintained arena surface will provide good footing with a consistent surface that is neither too deep nor too thin is crucial to injury prevention. Bad footing, such as ground that is hard, deep, uneven, or slippery should be avoided wherever possible
  • A sufficient warm-up and cool down as part of each training session will greatly reduce the horse’s chances of suffering an injury
  • Equestrian Direct has over 30 years of industry experience, offering a wide range of long-lasting and high-performing arena surfaces, to suit all disciplines and budgets


  • Used by leading event riders, Izzy Taylor and Ben Way, Flexiride is widely recognised as the best all-in-one area surface on the market
  • As the most economical and versatile synthetic surface currently available in the UK, Flexiride can be used on top of sand (as an alternative to rubber), as a top-up to existing surfaces, or entirely on its own. It can also be laid directly onto a simple drainage/stone layer, giving huge cost savings as it eliminates the need for groundwork drainage, membrane installations and tonnes of sand
  • Flexiride is ideal for most equestrian disciplines, its high impact absorbency provides exceptional ‘cushioning’ qualities with a secure ride – enhancing natural athleticism and reducing potential for injury
  • It is virtually maintenance free and environmentally friendly
  • Flexiride does not easily freeze or blow, and will not rot
  • It is durable with a ‘long life’, requiring minimal top ups over its lifetime


  • Made from synthetic fibres, TurfFloat has been designed to closely replicate the natural qualities of turf, mimicking the binding ability of topsoil
  • TurfFloat provides secure footing allowing horses travel across the top of the surface and not through it, making it an ideal surface for Show Jumping
  • Fibres within the surface help prevent the sand from riding ‘dead’ and provide an element of life from the surface
  • TurfFloat can be used on both indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as gallops – as a complete surface or as a top-up
  • TurfFloat can be customised to suit rider requirements and is suitable for all disciplines
  • There is minimal kick back and surface movement, allowing the surface to provide a secure footing and even hoof support, decreasing the energy lost by the horse and improving performance
  • TurfFloat has previously been used for equestrian surfaces for Olympic, and World Equestrian Games

Equestrian Direct pride themselves on providing quality riding surfaces to suit all requirements and budgets, whether for leisure, professional or commercial use. The range of surfaces available are designed to suit both indoor and outdoor horse riding arenas.