As seen in Horse and Hound, September 2018

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Is it important to adapt your surface to your major discipline?

Equestrian Direct’s two bestselling surfaces, TurfFloat and Flexiride are suitable for most equestrian disciplines, as well as indoor and outdoor arenas as well as gallops.

TurfFloat provides secure footing allowing horses travel across the top of the surface and not through it, making it an ideal surface for Show Jumping. There is minimal kick back and surface movement, allowing the surface to provide a secure footing and even hoof support, decreasing the energy lost by the horse and improving performance.

What would you recommend for a general-purpose surface to suit a warm-up arena or livery yard?

As the most economical and versatile synthetic surface currently available in the UK, Flexiride is an ideal general-purpose choice for a warm-up arena or livery yard.

Flexiride’s exceptional ‘cushioning’ qualities enhances natural athleticism and reduces potential for injury. It is virtually maintenance free, does not easily freeze or blow and will not rot. Durable with a ‘long life’, Flexiride requires multiple top ups during its lifetime.

All Equestrian Direct surfaces are suitable for most types of equestrian disciplines. As a leading company in the arena surface industry for over 30 years, Equestrian Direct is able to provide customers with a personal service that is tailored to the needs of the horse and rider, providing top quality riding surfaces to suit all requirements and budgets.