Building an Equine Arena

Jul 13, 2017Uncategorized

Thinking of building an arena or upgrading an existing one? In this issue the experts at Equestrian Direct Surfaces provide advice on the steps to follow…

Equestrian Direct Ltd have a range of surfaces, fibres and additives to suit all requirements and budgets, making it possible to build your dream arena.


Your new arena will only be as good as the land it sits on so careful decisions need to be made about drainage to ensure your arena has good longevity and performs.

The Equitex-Drain System Membrane offers a simple drainage solution and is a unique concept that allows the arena to be constructed without having to dig internal drainage ditches and use tonnes of expensive aggregates for drainage layers.

The membrane is made from multiple layers which incorporate an internal band of drains at one metre interval along the length of the membrane. It provides a cost effective option for well-draining land and is quick and easy to install. Simply choose an appropriate site, remove vegetation, roll and lay membrane and then spread a complete surface.

Complete Surface or Top Up

Flexiride can be laid onto a simple drainage layer such as the Equitex-Drain System Membrane or it can be used as a top up to enhance existing surfaces. It offers a high performance solution to the more traditional sand or rubber mix arenas.

Flexiride is a low maintenance all-in-one riding surface that is ideal for most types of equestrian disciplines, either indoor or outdoor applications.

It is one of the most versatile surfaces on the market and can be laid in four different stages to suit the requirements of the rider including a mix of sand, fibres and cold wax.

Manufactured from new industrial strength synthetic textile and polymer materials, Flexiride is carefully blended with cushioning foam for a soft, springy ride with a firm footing. These exceptional cushioning qualities can help enhance natural athleticism and reduce the potential for injury and lameness.

The surface offers a very cost effective option that is durable and virtually maintenance-free. Flexiride does not easily freeze, is dust-free and will not rot making it an excellent all weather choice and it is also guaranteed to be 100% wire free.

If you would like to try before you buy you can visit one of the Equestrian Direct arenas in Warwickshire and ride on it before you make that very important decision.