Flexiride® – a proven and economical step up from traditional sand and rubber or fibre riding surfaces.

Jul 6, 2017Uncategorized

Flexiride® has had over 10 years in market usage and proving to be a superior alternative to traditional sand and rubber or fibre riding and gallop surfaces.

Flexiride is well and truly tried and tested and becoming increasingly popular not only to use as a top up to traditional rubber and sand schools to improve the durability and versatility of the surface, but also as a complete surface where Flexiride can be laid directly onto a simple drainage/stone layer, potentially giving huge cost and labour savings on groundwork, drainage and membrane installations.

Flexiride is manufactured from industrial strength polymers that are tough enough to withstand years of use in the most demanding of private or commercial yards.  Flexirides’ robust, heavy layer of rubber like material and refined pieces of synthetic industrial strength textiles provide great going whatever the weather.  Unlike rubber, a Flexiride surface retains and locks in moisture with its blend of key ingredients resulting in less dust during the drier months or the need for constant watering. If fact many of our customers report NO watering at all!

The optimum blend of materials including cushioning foam in Flexiride supports your horses’ performance and health by cushioning their natural movement and crucially reducing shock to your horses’ joints. As well providing a lovely soft landing should you part company with your ride! Flexiride is frost resistant ensuring a workable surface all winter that’s very low maintenance and guaranteed 100% wire free.