Frost-Resistant Arena Surfaces for Winter Riding

Nov 23, 2017Uncategorized

As the winter months approach don’t let the weather hamper your riding and training at home.

However, riding aside, the continuous cold does raise questions for surfacing your arena and will mean you’ll be searching for an arena surface that can stand up against adverse conditions.

Equestrian Direct supply arena surfaces for all weather conditions, and being experts in both riding and setting the best foundations for it, fully understand that even if your arena is covered, frost can still take hold of the surface and make it unable to be ridden on due to the risk of injury to your horse.

If you’re looking for a surface that rides well and deals with all weather conditions, then the Flexiride™ is for you. Being great all year round whatever the weather, the Flexiride is the surface of choice for event rider Izzy Taylor. It is frost-resistant and does not easily freeze or blow and is guaranteed 100% wire free.

Flexiride also has high-impact absorbency for a cushioned ride and is virtually maintenance free making it extremely cost-effective.

It can be laid onto a simple drainage layer or it can be used as a top up to enhance existing surfaces. Flexiride offers a high performance solution to the more traditional sand or rubber mix arenas.

Beware of imitations that do not offer the same quality as Flexiride.