How To Ensure Your Riding Surface is Weather Proof

Nov 16, 2017Uncategorized

A lot of time, thought and preparation goes into creating the best possible riding surface for you and your horses so it’s vital that you know how to keep it looking great and most importantly how to keep it weather proof. Prevention and maintenance is the key to keeping your riding surface in excellent condition, and with the erratic weather we have to contend with in Britain – planning is essential.

Planning and Drainage

Where your arena is situated is an important decision and should be a well-informed one too – we’re always on hand to offer any advice you need. When planning where your arena will be built, you need to think about distance from the stables as well as weather and surface conditions. You don’t want to build in a place that is prone to flooding or high winds. A flat area is obviously the best option for your arena if possible. Drainage is absolutely essential when it comes to your riding surface; you should never compromise on your drainage as it really is very important for keeping your riding surface well maintained and long lasting.

A Weather Proof Surface

Once you’ve chosen your surface we always recommend adding a rubber or gel coating to protect your surface from cold and wet weather conditions. A good quality rubber coating will prevent the surface from freezing during the long winter months. Here at Equestrian Direct we provide Flexiride – the all in one riding surface. This surface is highly resistant to freezing and can reduce puddling if you’re drainage isn’t operating as efficiently as it should. Flexiride won’t rot and it’s virtually maintenance free.

We also have an innovative product called Hydrogel that can hydrate new or existing surfaces – perfect for use during the hot, dry spring and summer months. It can reduce dust as well as minimising the need for watering; excellent for use during a hose pipe ban. Hydrogel acts as a constant slow release water supply for your surface, adding elasticity and relieving deadness of sand.

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